a kiss a butter/fly lands on the purple grass ⁂      
a little pain eros has left town ☄
      i sow poison in a mess i dreamed i wasn’t sick ⚅
     and my wish/box was empty never to wake up ☙
     a sleepy wa/king state to find myself 𓆰
    there to forget nothing they ➶
     say sometimes i need you too ℑ
      when i was a child le parc de belleville 𓆙
     and in the ruins take pleasure in saying confidences ⚢
do you ever need me ?❞
     es-tu amourheureux·se ? ⚕︎
     i do not belong here ✉︎
     saint-yves told me ⛈︎
     but camille's angels ♨︎
      watch over me faces are wet ♠
      when we facetime ⚔︎

aliha thalien